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The environment is a ski area’s number one asset. Ski areas provide a quality outdoor recreation experience in a manner that complements the natural environment. We are committed to improving environmental performance in all aspects of our operations and managing our areas to allow for the continued enjoyment by future generations. Like many ski areas around the country members of PNSAA are very conscious of the environmental aspects of managing our businesses in a way that demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection and stewardship while meeting public expectations.

PNSAA Stevens Pass Environmental StewardshipMany PNSAA resorts have made and will continue to make efforts to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions and conduct business in a more sustainable way.

The vast majority of PNSAA member resorts have signed on to the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) Sustainable Slopes Charter.

Sixteen (16) PNSAA members were among 108 U.S. ski resorts – plus other iconic, well-known businesses – have signed on to the Climate Declaration, which calls upon federal policymakers to seize the American economic opportunity of addressing climate change.