Workforce Education

We provide our members with an opportunity to learn, improve skills and network with other members through our educational events, technical trainings, and our employee-centered podcast. 

The Mountain Works Conference and Tradeshow

Brings together ski area staff members from nearly all aspects of the business and offers attendees the opportunity to listen and interact with respected ski industry leaders, conference speakers, confer on work-related issues with peers, participate in hands-on workshops, and learn what is new and innovative from your industry suppliers.    

Lift Maintenance Technical Training

The PNSAA has partnered with Oregon State University’s Center for the Outdoor Recreation Economy in creating a new approach to technical training. Beginning in March 2022 this training will be available on-demand. As you begin your career as a Ski Lift Technician, this training is ready when you are.  A very cool interactive brochure is found here:

A free demo of a training module can be found here

NSAA Fall Education Seminars

In collaboration with the National Ski Areas Association, the fall risk management seminar offers the latest in industry risk management and legal issue trends, regulations, new technologies, and operational advances across the industry. Each fall we gather in Hood River, Oregon.  

The Mountain Works Podcast

Providing insider intel on how ski areas happen. Created by and for ski area employees in the northwest.